Monday, July 20, 2009

A New Assignment

So I've been hankering for a new assignment that has distinct flavors of design with a lot of fun illustration opportunities, a wallop of spicy heat. As I was finishing off the last hard cider in my fridge, it dawned on me....why not redesign a six pack? Now that I am 21, have access to a car, and the variety of local Boston brews are readily accessible, I've been scouting out the cool labels and looking for a new favorite. (No surprise,...not much out there has tickled my fancy and I think we could do WAY better.) I say, let's rev up our lazy summer days, drink a six pack and design some kickass labels and packaging for funzies.

This would be all typographic (think red stripe), all illustration (think fat tire), or a combination of both (mike's hard lemonade.) Feel free to take on anything from Schlafly, to Budweiser, to Sam Adams, to organic whole foods sarsaparilla. Whatever you like, it's YOUR summer.

Monday July 27th: Present your favorite idea with sketches + two backups to the blog. Comments ensue.
Monday August 3rd: Present 1st iteration of label + beginnings of six-pack carton.
Friday August 14th: Project Due (and portfolio ready!)

Who's with me. I bet Amini is! Let's all also try to get some more people on board. Where the heck is Jenny anyway?

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I understand that this is severely late.

Hoever, I would like to point out that I used this as a learning opportunity on practicing with traditional and digital media. I hope to have a more in depth examination of the piece on my blog soon- but in the you go : P