Friday, November 21, 2008

Shotgun 911?! Now?!

Alright, so it's a few months late, and no one looks at this blog anymore, but boys and girls, here's my "Shotgun 911" image. This week got slow towards the end so I finally the time and drive to it down and do it. If anyone sees it, let me know what you think.

Also, I'd like to hear from everyone how their year this going thus far. How about some work up here so I can see it?

peace, love, and bourbon,
Your favorite teacher Mike.


John Hendrix said...

Careful on that 'favorite teacher' nonsense.

I really dig this man! Good value control! What about a bit of a tree line on the horizon? It would help establish deep in the woods and not in your backyard, for instance.

I was thinking about you with those NY Giants. Enjoy your domination!

mjmurdock said...

Wait . . . Mike, You're still alive?!

Anyway, nice work.

Sam said...

woah...this thing is still operational?

also mike-

meredith said...

nice color/black shape combinations. i dig it. and i am in favor of reviving this blog.