Thursday, April 16, 2009


In lieu of my actual presence at your seminar presentations—a disappointing absence to both sides, to be sure—I figured I would take a page from Meredith's book and try to keep the Summer Studio alive. In the spirit of spurring some conversation, I'm posting two versions of the same piece. The piece above is the "do-over," produced today, April 16th, while listening to the Yankees collapse. The piece below is the original, produced sometime last February, and was one of the first pieces I executed in gouache.

I was never truly happy with it, so faced with some free time today I decided to use it as an opportunity to add some grayscale work to my portfolio. Having completed it, I see positives and negatives in each. The prompt was a short article from PC magazine about how Internet communities have begun to functon in some capacities like a "Neighborhood Watch," monitioring and reporting viruses, malware, and other unsavory characters. I got very stuck on the concept of a magnifying glass both locating and destroying internet "bugs," but I think that even though the new piece is more capably executed, the color original communicated the concept more clearly. Thoughts?

Hope all of your presentations are going well! How about posting some of the work from this semester up here?


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Sam said...

I like it, but what if the bug was standing on a motherboard tron-style?
Kudos for the recitation btw. I would love to get back into the summer studio