Tuesday, May 26, 2009

use it or lose it

so i am back home with too much time on my hands, with a long drawn out job search still laid out in front of me, and i can feel my design faculties slipping away from me. the little side freelance jobs aren't cutting so even if it just me that feels this way, i need some ideas or something to keep me going. who knew maintaining creativity would be so hard! thoughts anyone?


Meghan said...

Agreed! It's so hard to get creative at home. I'm trying to set up a little studio space for myself here. I'm really hoping that once I have a desk to work at I will be motivated to get something done. I still have a lot of unpacking to do though!

MikeC said...

In all honesty, I think it's hard to be creative anywhere, anytime, no matter your situation. All our lives, we are exposed to stories about The Naturals: the people who just seem to ooze creative juices and make things with the ease of breathing. Mozart? Picasso? We are all painfully aware of how much they accomplished before the age of 25. For the vast majority of us, that is simply not the case, nor will it ever be. Hendrix didn't make anything for his first two years out of school. Doug says sketchbooks are "a chore." Luckily, the majority population of the creative fields aren't "Naturals." I think the best you can do is try your best to make creative work both fun AND a matter of personal responsibility. Even then, I don't think it ever gets easy.

On this subject, an article from last year's New Yorker.

And so: more projects? Sketchbook show-and-tell? Let's hear some ideas! Let's see some stuff! Dare I filch a famous phrase? Can we get a big, fat, post-Commencement "Go team?" I'm sure we can.

MinaMachelle said...

i'm game as long as us designers aren't left out this time lol