Friday, June 19, 2009

Etsy try 2

Silly me, they were in CMYK,...that's why the colors were messed up. Thanks for the feedback Amina!


MikeC said...

I like the concept of the top one, but Amina's right: it doesn't read like a pincushion. How about a little asymmetry? You don't stick pins in a pincushion at regular intervals, do you? And do all your pins look the same?

Sam said...

I prefer pincushion over echo. along with what mike and amina said, I think using that pic of the woman with the pincushion would be fun.

Boston, MA said...

actually pins are sort of designed to look the same.

Thanks for the comments guys! Check out the store soon ;)

MinaMachelle said...

i think mike is right about them being more random looking in terms of positioning, try varying heights and i think if you don't fan them out like that you will get the rigidity of the pins instead of feathers or lashes like you do now. try the pincushion type treatments with the images/textures you used for the echo ones. maybe the i's in the second one could look like they are actually pinning into something to make the type integrate more with the background.

...okay, good luck!