Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's be clear: I won't be alive in 76 years...

Pictured above: Wishful thinking.

...but if I am, maybe I'll look something like this. Over at Drawn!, somebody posted a challenge to draw yourself at 100. People approach it from different directions, playing with varying degrees of caricature and, for lack of a better word, realism: the human face changes somewhat predictably with age. Burne Hogarth has a fantastic book, Drawing the Human Head, with a chapter that helpfully explains the process of how you will start to look like the Crypt-Keeper. Apparently, I have ignored the part of the text that describes how little hair you'll have left. So sue me.

The other thing about this particular doodle is that I tried some new tricks I've been toying with: the inking was done digitally on a tablet in Flash, and the painterly effects were an experiment in Photoshop to keep it from looking too flat. Any thoughts?

Let's see some old people! I'd love to see everyone else's wishful thinking.


Sam said...

interesting blend of technologies. what if you made paint streaks with gouache and scanned them in?

Blair said...

Well it's nice to know what I'm signing up for. One question: what toxic waste/nuclear disaster/insect bite causes you to turn green and, follow up question, does the color come with superpowers?