Monday, June 22, 2009

Pincushion v3's my third iteration of my Etsy identity. I've enjoyed your comments and tried to follow their suggestions. I tried to do three banners with simple changes ranging from really subtle to less subtle...I'm kinda fond of the middle one. Thoughts?


MinaMachelle said...

i like the second one too, not too sure bout that texture though, maybe its because its too many circles but that's the winner for me in terms of the type treatment.

MikeC said...

I think I'm with Amina on this one, that texture is just a tad too busy. Also, the white stroke on the pincushion/"o"... possibly redundant? Did you try it without it? Actually, I like the direction that the third one took, too. If you used the third one, with the pins in the background, then perhaps the background could suggest an an actual sewing project. Dotted lines? Stitches?

meredith said...

send us the link to your etsy store when it's up!

I agree with mike and amina's comments: pincushion o = adorable.