Monday, July 14, 2008

Follow ups- The sketches come home

Hey everybody-
So I've been so busy with academy work and the upcoming WUPR cover (which you can see in process on my blog) that sadly I still haven't finished an assignment yet. I have, however, furthered my concepts and tonight I finally scanned them in. 
For Ms. Winehouse, I have finally decided on an image. she will be swarmed by a veritable sea of hands. I have photo reference, and this illo is ready for final procedures as soon as i get home.

For the shotgun 911, i went back to the hunter motif, and have him calling emergency plane landing style, in effect being instructed on how to surgically repair his gun. Oddly, a squirrel will be his assistant.i have circled the composition I think I might use. Let me know what you all think. Hope to have these out before school starts.
Also, have fallen in love with the music of Feist.

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meredith said...

I like the idea for the shotgun 911 illustration. the squirrel is a nice touch, even if it is copying my style...I can't really tell from the thumbnail what your composition is supposed to look like. also, i thought these were 6x4? like, wide images?