Tuesday, July 1, 2008

there's a designer in our midst

so i thought i told mike to add me but clearly i didn't or he doesn't listen. but anyways, i wanted to join in and keep my joints oily with a lil practice. i am hustlin like its no tomorrow this summer (working summer camps at COCA, Portfolio Plus R.A., taking digital photography class, and doing freelance design work with WU's Office of Judicial Programs) so be forewarned that the work may be subpar and sporadic, but i do pledge to try. if nothing else, i get to keep up with you guys cuz being around all these teenagers is making me feel old. well not old, but adult-like which is a bit more unsettling. either way, its nice to be back.


Sam said...

Yay Amina's back

Meghan said...

Damn Amina. You ARE busy. So busy that I feel guilty for not doing anything so far because I thought I was "too busy." If you can churn out some work (subpar or no) I guess I can too.

Mina said...

yea quit being a delinquent, megs lol