Sunday, June 29, 2008

I swear Amy's on her way

If I were on the job they would have fired me by now. I have a final concept ready for Ms Winehouse, but due to other priorities I have yet to start the final yet. Also She's been in the news so much recently that I have to add some things. My concept involves a sea of hands, a grammy, and an awesome drawing method Sterling Hundley taught us. So I beg your patience, its in quantum space for now.
I have, however, been hard at work doing a cover for WUPR, and you can see this in process and further Academy work on my blog. Also, I have been hard at work on the shotgun 911 piece. 
In an effort to differentiate, I wanna try the idea of mixing up an emergency line for guns with real emergency lines.
So far my ideas involve guns as people, a fireman saving a rifle, and these two gems.

Not as strong perhaps as some of the other ideas, but the idea of a crook and cop with broken guns calling a hotline tickles my fancy, in some odd way.
Let me know what you all think, and please comment on some of the stuff I've posted on my blog also. I love hearing from you guys, and always appreciate the critiques.



meredith said...

I think those are both pretty funny concepts but they are not so clear from your drawings. for the bank one a little more background/setting would be helpful. also i think the article is about hunting rifles, not guns in general

Sam said...

good point M. Mike, are guns in general too broad?

MikeC said...

While I'm not sure you need to think of yourself as bound purely to hunting imagery, I think introducing crime or "cops-and-robbers" imagery may be a little far from the article. Interesting image, though.

Meghan said...

I agree with Mike. I really like the images, but they seem like just a little bit too much of a stretch from the article.