Tuesday, June 17, 2008

better image

sorry, last post didn't maximize for some reason


Rachel Newborn said...

Hey Sam-

I like the changes that you made in the concepts but I think your composition might need some work. Had you thought about keeping the same ideas but instead of putting in all the members of the paparazzi, you just showed hands snapping pictures and gesturing towards Amy as if you, as the viewer, were a member of the paparazzi yourself? If you did this you could still stress the paparazzi's obsession with her, as well as be able to make Amy bigger and keep the focus on her and your drawing of her, rather than getting distracted by all of the many figures that you've already drawn.

If you do decide to keep the same composition, I might suggest making Amy bigger and getting rid of the limo so that she's not being carried into the corner of the picture so directly. Goodluck!

Sam said...

good points Rachel. Im trying to get away from doing a straight on portrait since i'm more fascinated by the spectacle, but your right i should emphasize her more. I also need to clarify that the ambulance is an ambulance better as well as show that the crowd isnt all paparazzi. Hopefully after this week i'll have something up