Monday, June 2, 2008

Indy is Old

Hey All,

Sorry I have been MIA from this blog so far.  I have been having some internet troubles.  You'll also be shocked to know that I have been having trouble deciding who I want to make my likeness of.  I finally decided on an aging Harrison Ford from the new Indiana Jones movie.  Anyone got any brilliant ideas on how to make Indy look old in a funny way?

Also, I don't have a scanner so I'm not entirely sure I will be able to get my work up here.  You might just have to live with vivid descriptions I will be posting.



Victoria Schwab said...

Haha I like it. I would envision a classic movie poster with wrinkly old Indy, something like "Indiana Jones and the Hip Replacement" or "Indiana Jones and the Glueless Dentures." But then again, my creative battery is on like 5% tonight.

MikeC said...

On a mostly unrelated note, I don't think ever left a perfectly decent movie so disappointed in my entire life. As for making Indy look old, I think you either need to do it subtly or go completely over the top (just tired and worn-looking, or a wrinkly old bag of bones in a wheelchair).

John Hendrix said...

I loved the new Indy movie. L.O.V.E.D. it.

Did you see those ants carry that guy INTO the anthill? Awesome. I'm going to see it again tonite.

Make him look old, but could it be about more than just his age? What about the nature of sequels? Recycled movie franchises? Han Solo v. Indy?