Sunday, June 1, 2008

DeGeneres VS DeGollum

Hi friends,
Here is a sketch that I've been working on for the Ellen idea. Sorry it's later than promised. I modified my original concept according to the feedback I received earlier, so that instead of Ellen masquerading as Gollum and prancing around with the ring, she is seen gaining possession of it, over the protests of the Gollum figure with a cross around his neck.

I like the drawing of Gollum. As it stands now--I think that it is hard to see in the scan--Gollum is tied to a tree, which I want to be read as the new legislation protecting gay marriage. Ellen I know needs a lot of work. The exaggerating features thing is new to me, and I'm not that good at getting a likeness anyway. However, I definitely learned a lot while doing my sketches from this website: . The artist, Tom Richmond, goes over some basic principles of caricature and likenesses, so if you're interested, take a look. I'm definitely going to work on Ellen more, like give her an actual pose, etc. What do you guys think about the subtle (i like to think it's subtle) "finger" that she gives the shocked Gollum?


Oh yeah, I almost forgot...
The following image reminds me of Ryan, as I imagine him in his room in NY:
I bring this up because I'd like to suggest that our next "assignment" for Summer Studio be focused on people in studio. I get dibs on Ryan (he wont be Gollum)!


meredith said...

I didn't really notice the middle finger until you mentioned it. you could probably re-draw so it is more recognizable, but i don't think your image needs it.

MikeC said...

A few questions, Alan:

1. It appears that you are revolting against the instituted 8" x 10" format. Why do you always have to break the rules?! Why, Alan, why?!

2. That said, if you're going to do a horizontal format, you've got a lot of empty space around the two characters, particularly in the lower right corner. What do you propose to do about this?

Squeaks said...

Oh hey MikeC,
I forgot that you had instituted some rules. Oops sry.