Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In process - Ellen and Gollum

Hi Summer Studio,
So I'm posting this in-process in the spirit of rejuvenating our somewhat dormant blog. 
I could use some help figuring out how to finish the composition of the piece. I learned from MikeC that I probably stepped outside of the goals of the original assignment, which was to make a likeness of someone that evokes a recognizable aspect of that person's life rather than making an editorial commentary with additional figures. Saddened though I am, I would still like to make this piece work.

The problem I am having compositionally: I have one figure, "Gollum"—who will have a cross around his neck—anguished and shocked, and a passable likeness of Ellen fingering the coveted "ring." I'm not sure how to synthesize these two figures other than how I've done it here. I've been thinking about maybe a flowery, Austin Powers movie poster-like design in the background, to reinforce that I am referencing Ellen's homosexuality. Or perhaps, I need to emphasize marriage, and place them in a setting of a church or something. Give me your thoughts please.

Best of luck on your drawings!



Sam said...

too many things man. you want a cross and a flowery background? it might work. but what if you instead of gollum in a priest outfit and have him below ellen fighting for the ring? and instead of a pyschadelic background, why not make ellen bright?

props on the work though. wish i had more time to get mine done, but soon hopefully.

Rachel Newborn said...

I agree with Sam about the flowers. Ellen is a popular celebrity and people know she's gay by now. Also her marriage to Portia di Rossi isn't a surprise so I think you can x the flowery background. I like your work so far, compositionally. I dont' think you need to have a fight to the death over the ring because you're emphasizing Ellen's success, not her battle over getting married. I think you just need to watch the color and make sure that you emphasize Ellen much more than Gollum or the background. Even his little breechcloth that you dressed him in might be a little too bright and warm. I'd give him a Catholic priest's collar and a black shirt or a bishop's hat! That way you can save the coloring work that you've already done on the body.