Tuesday, June 24, 2008

guns and explosions

Since I have no problem with guns, explosions, trucks, etc. I will be working on the first article (also I read that one and made some sketches before Mike posted the second one). I came up with several ideas but this was the one I liked best by far:

for some reason I liked the idea of the hunted animals being the ones calling the hotline, but I'm afraid that is too far removed from the subject/message of the article? I wanted some opinions on the concept before I move ahead with it. Also, I was thinking it might be better to have a lot of bears, or a lot of deer, etc., instead of the one-of-each setup I have now. And yeah, it is getting kind of cliche for me to draw animals with inanimate objects.


MikeC said...

Well, I'll be honest, I laughed aloud when I saw the image. Since the hotline is treated as a "Remington information" line, and considering the relative absurdity of a helpline for shotguns, it does seem to resonate with the article at least a little (wouldn't hunted animals want more information about guns? I would). I suppose my concern is does it make sense considering the information that's actually contained in the article, and not just a broad concept. I'm trying to think in terms of John's comment on my sketches, and I'm having difficulty deciding where this falls. I'm curious to hear what other people think.

Also, watch your formatting: this is a magazine spot, and it carries with it a specific 6" W x 4" H format, so you may have to tweak your composition a little bit.

And hey, stick with what works. Apparently, animals with objects is your bread and butter. Run with it.

Sam said...

can you please give one of the animals a cigar? or an eyepatch?

Sam said...
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