Friday, May 30, 2008

Amy WInehouse revisited...and Image treasure trove found

Hey all,

After reading John's suggestion for my piece, I went back to do some more brainstorming. I've shot some reference material with the help of Mike Alan, and Meredith, and hope to have some images up soon, since i don't know how busy I'll be come Monday.

In related news, ironically enough, my family has an estate Saturday and while rummaging through old books I found a plethora of vintage illustration and design images. I have alot of great reference sources now, including early issues of American Heritage, chock full of great images. I'm definitely gonna try and bring these back to St. Louis when I get back. If anyone is interested in seeing some of these things, let me know. I could try and post them on my blog before I head to florida.

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