Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Editorial Portrait clarifications

Rachel asked a few questions about choosing a likeness, namely:
  • Is any likeness okay?
  • Should it be someone who is popularly known?
Yes, any likeness is okay, but it will help you to choose someone with either an established persona or someone who has done something newsworthy recently. Since it is an "Editorial" portrait, as the illustrator you are depicting BOTH the person and information relevant to the person. If it helps, Lee and I discussed this project this morning when he should've been doing real work. My initial thoughts on people, and why I would think they presented an interesting subject:
  • Eli Manning (NY Giants quarterback) - NFL preseason started recently and there's been a lot of talk about the pressure on him now that he led the G-men to the SuperBowl. This choice should shock exactly none of you.
  • Tom Waits - Touring this summer.
  • Mike Tyson - 'Writing' a new book to try and distance himself from his completely insane past. Plus, I'd get to draw boxing.
Lee's thoughts:
  • David West/Chris Paul - Just ended a fantastic season revitalizing professional basketball in New Orleans (my condolences, Harold).
  • Elvis Costello - Just released a new album to critical acclaim and headlined New Orleans Jazzfest. Plus, Lee loves him.
  • Mos Def - Actually, Lee had no rational reason for this one.
Really, you can choose anyone. The thinking part comes in how to present them to communicate something additional about them. Take Tom Waits: he's a piano player, an experimental musician, a B-level actor, and I think he might be clinically insane, but how I want to portray him is up to me. Hence, editorial portrait.



Victoria Schwab said...

Could we portray an actor in a particular role?

MikeC said...

Of course: an actor in a particular role is a great way of finding conext. Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones, and placing a fedora on his head only makes him more recognizable and places him in a certain context. Now, could you somehow draw Ford as Jones and not have it reference the other three movies?

Victoria Schwab said...

I'm going to draw Michael C. Hall as Dexter, since I'm presently obsessed with the show. I think it will be interesting because he has so many identifiable aspects, and he is such a duplicitous character.

PS. If you haven't seen it, you really need to.