Saturday, May 24, 2008

prelims ahoy

So I finally finished the project for the career center i was working on, and instead of packing for my summer in florida, I decided to start drawing and trying ideas for the Amy Winehouse illustration.  
After some research I found out she has one crazy life, and tried various ideas to express that. I decided the best image would be of items and people from her melodramatic career in her crazy beehive hairdo. 
It was great to just draw for a while. After a year of critical thinking putting pencil to paper felt kind of weird. Adding value was even weirder, but it was refreshing.
Let me know what yall think. I gots to have somes critique to get this bird to fly.


MikeC said...

Well, an idea like this rests just as heavily on other aspects of the drawing as it does the portrait. What 's going into her hair? Are you going to narrow your commentary to a particular aspect of her life, or her life as a whole? You may find it hard to fit a whole life into a haircut.

Sam said...

I figured I would focus on the things that have caused controversy. My research showed that shes been involved in so many crazy things that would be fun to draw i dont really see the need to throw he whole life in. Good point though. I need to some hair studies this week. Anyone none know any good hair artists?

John Hendrix said...

It seems that playing on the very public irony of her song 'not going to rehab' being a mega-hit would be appropriate. Objects stuck in her hair doesn't really tell us anything about her- other than she needs to work on her personal grooming habits.