Thursday, May 22, 2008

I don't have any awesome images to show, but I did recieve an e-mail from my senator, John Cornyn, concerning the Orphan Acts Bill. It was kind of vague, and he really didn't give me a clear answer.
In essence, it seems like he's supporting this because of the bill's support from music and movie industry. He gave me the example of old film rotting away because libraries are afraid of copyright infringement. So....yeah I'm not sure he understands what my e-mail was about.

However, he did say they were revising it to suit all concerns. I got a little lost in the political talk. Just thought I'd update everyone.

Oh, and my editorial is going to be Amy Winehouse, since I usually dont draw women. working on rough sketches now.

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Rachel Newborn said...

Yay! And what a great woman to draw!