Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Summer Studio Mini-Manifesto.

The idea behind this is to promote continued discourse and constructive criticism over the creative dead period that is the summer and if successful, beyond. With that in mind, the reason I made all of you authors is that you can post things to it just as easily as I could. I absolutely expect to see your editorial portraits posted to this blog, and I would encourage you to post anything else you've created or found that you feel is worthy of collective attention/criticism. Once work starts going up here, we can start talking about it.

At this point, everyone is on board from the initial invite except Meredith and Ryan, who are both AWOL. Any other suggestions for inclusion?



meredith said...

i think you can admin me using my gmail username: meredithgn. lemme know if that doesn't work.

you could think about adding the other image-makery people. Molly and Nathan?


Ryan Nussbaum said...


what about Amina, Jayce, Will and Amy Scott?

Oh and I don't know if my last message reached you in our fb chat, but i'm not doing the portrait...a little too "illustratory". Give a design assignment lol. I'm eager to see what people come up with though. I'll have to see if its legal to post work that I make with my internship--hopefully i'll post stuff eventually.